Here is the surprising reason why your ideal prospects and career champions are not engaging with your written words…

It's your grammar!

If you’re using the wrong words – and your prospects know the right words – you’ll be judged. 

Doors will close before you have the chance to open them.

 It’s not fair, but it’s the truth. 

Overusing, misusing or misspelling words can cloud your message and make you look unprofessional. Knowing how to write clear and concise communications will be your superpower for professional growth.

You’ve seen grammar and punctuation mistakes made by your colleagues, team members or by those you follow online. Social media posts, company reports, and sales emails are riddled with mistakes.

The worst part? The grammar police embarrass people by putting a public spotlight on their mistakes.

Don’t let it happen to you!

The problem? 

The English language is tough. Even for word nerds like us!

If you struggle to remember which is which (or is it witch?) or stop yourself before you write there, they’re or their - do not despair. You’re not alone.

In public school, who knew good grammar would be a deal breaker for small business owners to connect with prospects and for middle managers to climb the corporate ladder?

Now, as an adult with big goals, grammar mistakes could cost you. It's time to stop the bleeding with the Wordology Toolkit. 


The Ultimate Grammar Toolkit

Escape the grammar police!
Discover how to write smarter and polish your brand online to avoid embarrassment in social media posts and important business documents!

Join Us For the First of Four 30-Day Challenges on March 20, 2023

Become a Grammar Pro 30 Days at a Time and have fun while you're learning!

You’ll uncover why English can really suck – and how to write in a way that makes your communications read as smart as you are. All it takes is a few hours over the next 30 days.

Your time investment: 

4 x 10-15 minutes videos

3 x 45 minutes Zoom calls 

30-45 minutes training assignments

45-60 minutes of Facebook group interactions

Meet your instructors

Jill Ellis-Worthington and Janis Wallace are seasoned professionals with a combined 70 years of experience working as journalists, editors and publishers. After decades of seeing the most common grammar mistakes, they have joined forces to share tips and tricks of the trade so professionals can write more clearly and rise above the noise! 

Join word nerds Jill and Janis for a confidential, judgment-free learning experience.

In this online course and 30-day group challenge you'll:

  • showcase how smart you are in your written work

  • clearly communicate your message by avoiding grammar mistakes

  • learn what 'usage' really is

  • punctuate with confidence

  • polish your personal brand and open doors to decision makers

Join Us and Polish Your Brand By Improving Your Grammar and Punctuation.

(Plus, have some fun while you're learning!)